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Celebrates the brilliance of women of color through reflective conversations and stories LaJoy Mercer, Brown Girl Radiance Podcast
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On this episode of our Brown Girls Abroad celebration we are traveling to Australia for an inspirational conversation with Paige Merrill. She is a missionary serving through the organization Youth
28th Feb 2021
1 hour
The intent of this bonus episode is to bring joy and laughter as we embrace 2021 and stay optimistic for the future. This extraordinary, youthful guest co-host will connect us back to the simplicity
1st Feb 2021
26 minutes
The Season 3 celebration of Brown Girls Abroad continues through our conversation with Erica Jones, a finance manager for a tech company and an expat living on the island of Ireland. Less than 2% of
30th Nov 2020
1 hour
“Wheels Up!” Our Season 3 Celebration of “Brown Girls Abroad” continues with a captivating conversation with the Brown Girl Globetrotter, Tiffany Green! She has visited over 70 countries! 
31st Oct 2020
1 hour
Season 3 is here!  We are celebrating “Brown Girls Abroad” through sharing the diverse stories and experiences of women of color who live and work internationally.  During this season
31st Jul 2020
1 hour
This special quarantine edition episode is unique because we have a panel of four women speaking passionately about 1990s NBA basketball. We are specifically discussing one of our highlights of
1st Jul 2020
2 hours
“You will not always be able to solve all of the world’s problems at once, but don’t ever underestimate the importance you can have. Because history has shown us that courage can be contagious and
31st Mar 2020
2 hours
Happy Black History Month!  On this episode we discuss what we love about the dynamics of the Obamas’ relationship, the impact of strong women on Michelle’s journey, the beauty of women using
28th Feb 2020
54 minutes
The standard of Heaven is Jesus. Through prayer we can invite Heaven to touch the Earth each day. This special devotional episode is a source of encouragement to live at the standard of Christ who
20th Dec 2019
12 minutes
The National Museum of African-American History and Culture is full of “Brown Girl Radiance.”  One of the treasures featured at the museum is Ava Duvernay’s genius film “August 28: A Day in the
28th Aug 2019
15 minutes
Podcast Movement was a podcaster’s utopia! I met so many amazing people and I was inspired by the overall experience.  I did a superfun interview with an international example of “Brown Girl
21st Aug 2019
21 minutes
This is the conclusion of our celebration of the women of Wakanda! The first part of this conversation we focus on the leadership styles of the women of Wakanda. The second part of this episode we
23rd May 2019
1 hour
Congrats to the “Black Panther” movie for the Best Cast SAG Award and 7 Oscar nominations!  This episode will explore the symbiotic male and female relationships in Wakanda and how they can
22nd Feb 2019
40 minutes
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